Shipment information

Chemical Trade Infomatics

Shipment information on export import of chemical, pharmaceuticals, vitamins
Chemical Trade Infomatics - Features
  • Search by Chapter No., ITC-HS Code, Indian Exporter's/Importer's Name, Commodity, loading/landing Ports.
  • Chemical Trade Infomatics supports 12 major currencies. Conversion is based on Customs Notification for the particular month on exchange rate for Export and Import.
  • Export of Search results in desired format i. e. Excel, Access, Word and text format.
  • Facility of getting result for single or multiple months. Search results can be printed on formal A4 size paper, with a facility to e-mail end report.
  • Regular updating by E-mail, website download or CD.
Benefits of using
Chemical Trade Infomatics
How you can use Chemical Trade Infomatics?

Monitor and measure what your competitors are doing (what products they are importing, how much/ how often and at what price and from which country).

Identify and analyse trends in India's Imports or Exports segment, Productwise and Marketwise. Measure the viability of an existing or new product based on these trends

To identify potential investments or industrial opportunities for Export and Import oriented.

Simultaneously make Market Comparisons with different countries and rationalise your trade.

Explore Overseas destinations for your product/s.


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