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Directory of Indian Importers

Directory of Indian Importers is being published by Mahavir Law House to boost up availability of different sources of supply in the overall scheme of economic development and growth of India. The unique feature of this directory is that the products (imports)have been classified as per the ITC(HS) codes and that, too, at 8-digit level, wherever possible.

The Directory contains particulars of firms importing in India and the list of more than 20000 items which imported in India.

Directory of Indian Importers is listing of firms who have obtained IEC (Importer Exporter Code) from DGFT (Director General Of Foreign Trade) under Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. It contains List of Indian Import Companies who are actually importing goods in India.

All companies with regular imports have been distinguished with bold entries. It shows the financial standing and credibility of an Indian Importer. Care has, in general, been taken to ensure that only Indian Import companies who are regularly doing export are listed with bold entries in this Importers Directory of India. However, this directory does not guarantee or vouchsafe the same for any individual firm.

The Indian Importers Directory is expected to be immensely useful to

  • Global Suppliers : Exporters worldwide who want to successfully market and sell to Indian importers can find a very useful guide.

  • Potential buyers within the country interested in quality products : This may serve as a standard guide to them.

Indian Importers Directory database helps you identify active Indian importers and Indian buyers. directory based on Indian importers having obtained IEC code from Director of Foreign Trade (DGFT) and shipments and bill of lading filed with custom department across the globe. How Directory of Indian Importers is different from numerous online exporters directory and number of print publication on Indian Exporters.

  • Any print publication will list any individual or organization who pays for advertisement without checking the basic requirement of import from India i.e. IEC code. So all firms list of Indian Import companies in Printed India Importers directory will may show firms with no import business.

  • Online importers directory list anyone who wish to register. Receive latest listing of Indian Importers on your email. Stay in touch with everything that's new.

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